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Streamline Your Hotel Operations with Hotels Uttarakhand: Website Building, Google Hotel Ads, and More!

Take Your Hotel into New Heights

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Why should I have my own website?

To save on commissions lost to OTAs like Booking, MMT, Goibibo and let your guests book directly with you and to have your own branding.

What do I need to create my website?

Just register yourself in Hotels Uttarakhand from your mobile phone and in just few steps, you will be ready to take bookings.

How are online payments accepted?

Payments are accepted via our partner Razorpay and settled to your account on checkin date. You just need to enter your bank details on the app and settlements would happen automatically.

How will I get bookings on my website?

Hotels Uttarakhand are Google Hotel Partners which means we send your property prices and inventory to Google so that your property will rank higher with an official site tag. Apart from this, you can get more bookings by placing your website on social media and Whatsapp.

How much money do I need to begin?

Zero. We take money only when you get bookings. If you want a custom website however, please reach out to us and we would be happy to help.

Your Hotel, Your Policy.

Set your Rules when guest can check-in & How much you want the guest to pay for Cancellation

Get Advance Payment

Choose how you want your guest to pay & Set partial payment to get money for Advance bookings

Accept & Reject Booking

Manage Guest Booking & whenever a guest makes a booking you can choose to accept the booking or not.

Manage Room Prices

Set the room prices for your Hotel and update room availability in your Hotel to get maximum booking and compete with other hotels near you.

Get instant settlement

Check-In your Guest on the app after he comes to your Hotel & Get instant settlement in your bank account.

Offer Add-ons

Add amenities & other services to make your hotel stand out from other Hotels and notice an increase in 10x revenue.