About us

CEO- Founder Hotels Uttarakhand

Hi, I’m Dheeraj Pundir

In the vast landscape of hospitality, the gap between 5-star hotels and boutique establishments is palpable. Hoteliers face challenges in visibility, sales automation, and revenue multiplication. Recognizing this problem after Few years of hands-on experience, I founded Hotels Uttarakhand by Dheeraj Pundir to bridge this gap and empower hoteliers like you.

Have you ever felt the frustration of not reaching your hotel’s full potential? Are you navigating the complexities of marketing, automation, and growth without a clear roadmap? Hotels Uttarakhand understands these challenges intimately, and we are here to turn frustration into a catalyst for transformation.

At HOTELS Uttarakhand, we offer more than services; we offer solutions crafted through a blend of expertise, innovation, and a community-driven approach. Our coaching, consulting, and training services are not just about improving your hotel; they’re about elevating you as a leader and transforming your entire hotel’s success journey.